On The Road For Life

Fr Stephen launched a new ministry, On The Road For Life in August 2019, in which he incorporates different aspects of his traveling ministry, his retirement, and his pro-life activism. Fr Stephen travels around the country with the St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel camper trailer visiting abortion facilities, pregnancy resource centers, truck stops and rest areas ministering to pro-life activists and anyone that Jesus entrusts to Fr Stephen on any given day. Fr Stephen is also expanding his ministry to Ireland to help the Irish pro-life movement.

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Here is a glimpse of what “On The Road For Life” looks like…

1. Ministry to pro-life activists at abortion facilities throughout the country using appropriate prayer such as candlelight vigils, rosary vigils, sidewalk counseling, blessings etc.
2. Bring attention to the important work of pregnancy resource centers throughout the country.
3. Help organize and energize pro-lifers in their local areas.
4. Celebrate Mass and perform priestly ministry including confession wherever and whenever appropriate.
5. To be the face of Jesus and see the face of Jesus in others along the way by distributing prayer cards, rosaries, food, and water and other assistance to those in need!

On The Road For Life ministry is under patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Fr Stephen hopes to do up to 4 extended trips On The Road For Life each year. Fr Stephen’s first 2 years of trips from 2019 till 2021 have covered over 60,000 miles.
In less than 2 years, Fr Stephen has performed dozens of minor exorcisms at abortion facilities, celebrated over 30 Masses in the Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel in front of these killing centers, and has given talks and ministered to thousands of pro-life activists in 25 states and the District of Columbia. He has visited many Pregnancy Resource Centers along the way and his Facebook Live daily broadcasts and Masses reach tens of thousands of people remotely. The Dioceses of Knoxville and Charleston have covered and published articles about his On the Road for Life ministry. Fr Stephen spent 3 weeks in Ireland in February 2020 and is claiming his Irish Citizenship and will return after the Covid19 lockdowns are lifted.

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For details on events and stops email: [email protected]. To become a member of Fr Stephen’s “St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel Camper Gas Brigade,” go to LifeMinistriesUS donations.

Fr Stephen’s 2023 Initiatives

Personhood Campaign to End Childkilling in Florida: to continue to leverage Gov Desantis to use his supermajorities in the legislature and the State Supreme Court abolish abortion in Florida. He has no more excuses not to do this especially since he aspires to be President. For more information.

Initiative to have Constitutional Personhood from Conception recognized by the SCOTUS: I am organizing a coalition of national leaders to bring this to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. Please watch one of the videos here and read about this initiative.

Anti-abortion Activism in Ireland: I have received my Irish Citizenship and my hope in 2023 is to travel to Ireland for an extended period, up to 3 months, to lead the Catholic activism against abortion. My mother’s family are Irish and there has been a priest in our family since the late 1700s.

Missionary Partnership in Tanzania: I am partnering with Caritas Veritate Missions Inc to help build a Maternity Waiting Home in southern Tanzania where the pregnancy mortality rate is above the norm.

Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and Rally for Personhood: After several marches and rallies in 2022, we continue with the efforts to abolish abortion through constitutional personhood through these rallies and marches. More marches are being planned in 2023. For more information.

See Home Page for 2023 upcoming events.

Fr Imbarrato Livestreams Mass and also a Prayer/Commentary Podcast daily. Daily homilies and commentaries available at The Fr Imbarrato You Tube Channel and Rumble Channel.


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The Protest Priest Fr. Stephen Imbarrato LIVE from Armagh, Ireland.

A Must Watch!

Fr Stephen speaks the sad truth about legalized abortion, the complicity of the Church, the failings of the prolife movement, and why there is still hope. This video got 55,000 views on FB alone. A Lot of Slick Marketing – But Not for the Unsung Heroes! – The Protest Priest.

Irish Trip Slideshow

US Priest Performs Exorcism Outside Irish Abortion Clinic – read the Church Militant article.

The St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel.