On The Road For Life

Fr Stephen launched a new ministry, On The Road For Life in August 2019, in which he incorporates different aspects of his traveling ministry, his retirement, and his pro-life activism. Fr Stephen travels around the country with the St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel camper trailer visiting abortion facilities, pregnancy resource centers, truck stops and rest areas ministering to pro-life activists and anyone that Jesus entrusts to Fr Stephen on any given day. Fr Stephen is also expanding his ministry to Ireland to help the Irish pro-life movement.

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Here is a glimpse of what “On The Road For Life” may look like…

1. Ministry to pro-life activists at abortion facilities throughout the country using appropriate prayer such as candlelight vigils, rosary vigils, sidewalk counseling, blessings etc.
2. Bring attention to the important work of pregnancy resource centers throughout the country.
3. Help organize and energize pro-lifers in their local areas.
4. Celebrate Mass and perform priestly ministry including confession wherever and whenever appropriate.
5. To be the face of Jesus and see the face of Jesus along the way by distributing prayer cards, rosaries, food, and water and other assistance to those in need!

On The Road For Life ministry will be under patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Fr Stephen will do 3-4 extended trips On The Road For Life each year. Fr Stephen’s first three trips in 2019-2020 covered over 20,000 miles and more than 2 dozen states.

Fr Stephen’s 2nd ON THE ROAD FOR LIFE this year covers the month of March; most of Lent!

February 23rd: Leave ABQ with the Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel heading east. 
February 24th/25th: Memphis Tennessee; Prayer Vigil PP on 25th. 
February 25th/26th: Nashville Tennessee; Prayer Vigil PP on 26th 
February 26th/27th: Knoxville Tennessee; Prayer Vigil Knoxville Reproductive Health Center on 27th 
February 27th through March 4th: Lenten Mission Holy Trinity Parish, Jefferson City, Tennessee. Call parish for details. 
March 5th: Knoxville Tennessee; Prayer Vigil PP 9am 
March 6th: Knoxville Tennessee; Prayer Vigil PP 9am 
March 7th: Columbia SC/Charlotte NC 
March 8th: NC/SC 
March 9th: NC/SC 
March 10th: NC/SC 
March 11th: NC/SC 
March 12th: Conyers, Georgia; Talk 
March 13th: Forest Park, Georgia; Prayer Vigil Preferred Woman’s Health Center 
March 14th: Conyers Georgia 
March 15th: Georgia/SC 
March 16th: Georgia/SC 
March 17th: Talk; University of South Carolina Advocates for Life group
March 18th: Ormond Beach, Fl
March 19th: Orlando; Feast of St Joseph; BD
March 20th: Lucerne Women’s Choice, Orlando; Prayer Vigil 
March 21st: Orlando 
March 23rd: Knights of Columbus; Northern Virginia 
March 24th: NJ 
March 25th: Feast of Conception of Our Lord; NYC March for Life 
March 26th: Wilmington DE PP prayer vigil 
March 27th: DC/Northern Virginia; PP, Alexandria Women’s Health Clinic 
March 28th: DC/Northern Virginia 
March 29th: Western PA; Pittsburgh 
March 30th: Tiffin, Ohio 
March 31st – April 1st: Home ABQ; Holy Thursday

Upcoming Scheduled Trips 
July 5th thru 21st: Europe Pilgrimage 206 Tours; Poland, Czech Republic. 
July 28th – August 1st: St Thomas Aquinas Conference, Colorado Springs 
October 30th: Tiffin, Ohio County Right to Life Banquet

Past Trips 2021 
January 22nd: St Louis, Missouri Memorial and “Giving Thanks” event. 
January 29th – 31st: San Antonio Texas. Pro-life weekend.


My first 2021 ON THE ROAD FOR LIFE comes the end of January with a trip to Texas beginning in San Antonio. Here is my 2021 schedule thus far.

January 22nd: St Louis, Missouri Memorial and “Giving Thanks” event.
January 29th – 31st: San Antonio Texas. Pro-life weekend.
February 1st thru 7th: other Texas locations TBA
February 27th -March 3rd: Holy Trinity Parish, Jefferson City, Tenn. Lenten Parish Mission.
March 4th – March 16th: Locations in Tennessee/CarolinasTBA
March 17th: University of South Carolina pro-life group
March 19th/20th: Washington DC
July 5th thru 21st: Europe Pilgrimage 206 Tours; Poland, Czech Republic.
July 28th – August 1st St Thomas Aquinas Conference, Colorado Spring

Fr Stephen upgraded the Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel for his 5th ON THE ROAD FOR LIFE trip during the summer of 2020. Father called this trip the “END THE JOE BIDEN SCANDAL TOUR”

Summary of Fr Stephen’s First Four ON THE ROAD FOR LIFE trips!

26,000 miles, 27 states, 40 cities, covering 13 weeks total! 
14 Masses in front of abortion mills in his St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel camper or at pregnancy resource center chapels!
Almost 3 dozen minor exorcisms at abortion facilities!
30 talks to over a thousand frontline pro-life activists and to hundreds of thousands through daily FB LIVE.
For details on events and stops email: frstephen@defendinglife.org. To become a member of Fr Stephen’s “St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel Camper Gas Brigade,” go to LifeMinistriesUS donations.


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Irish Trip Slideshow

US Priest Performs Exorcism Outside Irish Abortion Clinic – read the Church Militant article.

The St Mother Teresa Mobile Chapel.

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