Fr. Stephen ImbarratoFr. Stephen Imbarrato, an anti-abortion activist, is a retired priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico who now lives full time in Florida. Fr Stephen celebrates a live stream Mass daily as well as a daily live stream broadcast of prayer and commentary seen by thousands of people worldwide. All of his social media platforms can be accessed below. Fr Stephen’s many ministry endeavors include “On The Road for Life,” “Red Rose Rescue,’ and the “Campaign to End Childkilling in Florida.” Fr Stephen can still be seen periodically on EWTN where he has preached many times over the years and cohosted the “Defending Life” show for 5 seasons. Fr Stephen sees abortion as the mass murder of the pre-born and believes that we can only abolish abortion by recognizing constitutional personhood at conception. Read Fr Stephen’s Pro-life Manifesto and his How God Called Me to Red Rose Rescues and the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Order; A Two Year Chronology! Enjoy his page and feel free to contact Father Stephen at Please sign up, join the movement, and please consider making a donation to offset Fr Stephen’s Ministry expenses. (Fr Stephen earns no income from his pro-life activism. All donations go directly to support his pro-life ministry.)

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New Ministry Partnerships

LifeMinistriesUS is partnering with more ministries. St Bryce Missions is starting a Hostel for Women in Crisis Pregnancies in Tanzania and Fr Stephen and On The Road for Life will be partnering with St Bryce in helping build and maintain this Hostel. More information is available at St Bryce Missions and you can donate at St Bryce Missions.


The Protest Priest Fr. Stephen Imbarrato LIVE from Armagh, Ireland.

The Personhood Campaign to End Child Killing in Florida

The Abortion Holocaust!

Another squandered opportunity! The Abortion Holocaust: A constitutional crisis that President Trump could have ended.

A Must Watch!

Fr Stephen speaks the sad truth about legalized abortion, the complicity of the Church, the failings of the prolife movement, and why there is still hope. This video got 55,000 views on FB alone. A Lot of Slick Marketing – But Not for the Unsung Heroes! – The Protest Priest.

This is Fr. Imbarrato’s story chronologically told from 2016 through 2018.
How God Called Me to Red Rose Rescues and the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Order; A Two Year Chronology!

John Leaps Evangelization – Pro life Priest Extreme…will to risk his freedom for the passion he has to save innocent lives- the baby in the womb.

Hear Fr Stephen explain why we have had 46 years of preborn mass murder and how we can decisively end this constitutional Crisis!

US Priest Performs Exorcism Outside Irish Abortion Clinic – read the Church Militant article and view the video above.

This is an excellent interview of Fr Stephen’s prolife and priestly ministry by Anne Karto of Ave Maria radio.

Watch Fr Stephen live every morning at 9:00 am eastern time on any of his FB pages.
Facebook on CatholicityHere are the important websites Fr Stephen mentions during his live broadcast!

The Mens March

On The Road For Life

Support After Abortion

Our Lady of America Devotion

Cause for Canonization of Bishop Alphonse Gallegos

Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation (Foundations Restored)

Culture of Life Studies Program (ProLife Gear)

Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics

Evangelium Vitae (Gospel of Life)

St Thomas Aquinas Society

Real Estate for Life – A Pro-Life Real Estate Company

DECISIVE STRATEGIES to End Preborn Childkilling

  • Legislative Strategies
    – Sanctity of Human Life Act (H.R.586)
  • Presidential Strategy
    – Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order (lost opportunity by the corporate mainstream pro-life movement)
  • Grassroots Strategies
    – National Tax Resistance Strategy (Bishop Victor H. Balke article)
    – National Protests/Shutdown/Strike (Read Pro-life Protest Manifesto scroll down)
    – Red Rose Rescues (see right sidebar)

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Please join our peaceful and prayerful protest movement to end preborn childkilling by the end of the President Trump’s 1st term.

What is ProtestChildKilling?

Read our Pro-life Manifesto.

Eucharistic ProcessionEucharistic processions are the most peaceful, prayerful, and powerful protests against abortion.

The Protest Priest

Fr Imbarrato and FamilyFr Stephen, ordained in 2005, is a great grandfather priest who has experienced abortion himself . Fr Stephen has been a Prolife activist since the mid 90s and has founded 2 prolife centers (St Gerard’s and Project Defending Life) which have saved hundreds, maybe even thousands of babies, by helping their moms choose life. Because of Fr Stephen’s personal experience with abortion, he has counseled countless post-abortive women and men toward healing thru various Rachel ministries.

Fr Stephen is calling for the pro-life movement to have serious discussions on various decisive strategies to end government sanctioned, government protected (by the courts), and government funded (with our taxes) preborn childkilling. See a list of strategies near the top of this web page.

Fr Stephen has traveled around the country declaring that the daily mass murder of the preborn is a national emergency and a constitutional crisis.

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Fr Stephen wrote these prayers which we pray publicly each morning on his FB LIVE. Click here and contact Father with a SELF ADDRESS STAMPED ENVELOPE to requests these cards for yourself. Or you can download the prayers from here and print them.