How God Called Me to Red Rose Rescues and the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Order; A Two Year Chronology!

A Mission from Jesus for the Ending of the Bloodshed of His Innocents

Being a post-abortive man turned pro-life activist, in the 1990s, I told Jesus that if He ever gave me opportunities to sacrifice for His Little Ones, I would not shrink from that call the way I did on the 1970s when I let my Eve down, costing the lives of my two babies, Thomas and Mary. I always thought that part of that commitment may be risking arrest and my freedom at some point by trying to save babies and protesting the end of pre-born child killing.

I believe that Jesus lead me to the seminary through this commitment and eventually to the priesthood and to where I am today. Every aspect of my pro-life activism of the last 20 years has been a manifestation of Christ’s grace in my life, but since the fall of 2016, Christ’s presence and peace has taken on an entirely different dimension.
Here is my story chronologically since then to the best of my memory.

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October 24th – November 6th, 2016: I am invited to preach 10 homilies at EWTN. I use those 10 homilies to form the consciences of Catholic voters to “do good,” but most of all, “to avoid evil” (to not vote for the candidate of death). I focus on Church documents and the Catechism while using quotes from good bishops such as Archbishop Aquila and Bishop Morlino who clearly defined what it means to “vote pro-life.” I also focus on the uselessness of voting non-viable 3rd party candidates and that such a vote benefits the pro-death candidate. Untold numbers of people tell me I swayed their vote

Winter of 2016-2017: Series of conversations with John Kavanaugh-O’Keefe who was trying to broaden my focus from abortion only to a more consistent life ethic. While researching this man who was questioning me, whom I never met, I came across an article he wrote in the late 70s where he lamented that within a year after Roe vs Wade was adjudicated, why every Catholic bishop and priest was not in jail. This convicted me to the point that I promised myself and Jesus that given the opportunity of sacrifice to the point of losing my freedom for the babies, I surely would.

March 1st, 2017: I minister Kellyanne Conway ashes on Ash Wednesday at the Weyrich Luncheon. From that time on, I develop an email correspondence with her and her office.

April 2017: Monica Miller sends out word to the pro-life movement that she would like to revisit the possibility of doing baby rescues as were prominent in the movement in the late 80s and early 90s. I immediately tell Monica I cannot attend the first gathering, but that I am fully committed to whatever course of action is decided at that gathering. I tell Fr Frank of the commitment I made to Monica. At an April meeting, it is decided that there was sufficient interest in doing rescues and another meeting is scheduled for June

May 2017: Sitting in my house chapel the idea of a Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order (PPPEO) comes to me. “I Donald Trump, through this Presidential Executive Order, based on indisputable science, do recognize constitutional personhood from the moment of fertilization and I direct all my federal agencies and departments to act accordingly.” My initial thought is that this is too simple and that I am missing something here

May-June, 2017: I float the idea of the PPPEO on Facebook. No one tells me I am crazy. Normal doubts arise such as lack of permanence (another President can change it), but I become more convinced of its validity and that it would change the nature of the abortion debate to personhood which the SCOTUS has avoided since Roe vs Wade

June 30th, 2017: About 15 people attend a rescue meeting in Chicago. I am honored to be among such a gathering of activists that included Monica Miller, Joan Andrews Bell, John Ryan, Joe Scheidler and a dozen others. Red Rose Rescues are decided upon and scheduled for the fall of 2107. I am fully committed. However, something significant happens after the meeting. Monica Miller tells me, without my prompting or asking, that she had seen my PPPEO posts and that she thought “it is brilliant.” I said, “I hope so. I feel strongly it was Jesus who put the thought in my head in my chapel.

July 2017: Upon returning home to Albuquerque within days, I discuss the PPPEO with my lawyer, Angelo Artuso, being intrigued over what Monica said to me. I expect doubts, yet he says the exact same thing. “It is brilliant!” He also states that there is abundant case law substantiating that babies in the womb have constitutional protection as persons. I add the words “based on abundant case law” to the PPPPEO. I also recall Joshua Craddock’s case in the Harvard Law Journal for “personhood from conception in the 14th amendment.”

July 2017: I start a twitter and social media campaign to encourage the President to sign a Personhood Proclamation President Executive Order as the first step to ending pre-born child killing in this country. (Details on Thousands of people contact the White House and President Trump by various means.

September 2017: My first Red Rose Rescue in Alexandria, Virginia. Released the same day to appear in court in November. This RRR was part of 2 Rescues wherein 10 people get arrested in 2 states. In our rescue, we had at least 2, maybe 3 turnarounds.

October 2017: HHS formally announces that their 2017-2018 strategic plan will be based on “human life begins at conception.” I take this as an affirmation that the Administration knows of the PPPEO proposal.

November 2017: Found guilty of trespass in Alexandria, but given $500 suspended sentence; one year probation because we told the judge we would not pay a fine or accept any probation terms. Judge says we were acting on “a matter of conscience” and we were “loving, peaceful, and compassionate.” I have been sending Kellyanne Conway and Paul Teller updates about the PPPEO and RRR. I had told them they do not have to respond, but this time I explain everything and I ask them to acknowledge that they are receiving my emails. Kellyanne’s chief of staff responds, “Thank you for your note. I am confirming that we have received it. We will reconnect when we have more information to relay.”

December 2017: On the 3rd, 3 RR Rescues are executed in 3 locations. I organize the ones in Alexandria and DC and I get arrested in DC. We spend one night in jail in DC. Police allowed us to stay in the abortion mill for 3 hours before finally arresting us. We had at least 3 turnarounds.
I also connect with the (22 State) Personhood Alliance and we draft a petition to send to the White House asking Trump to sign the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Order. We note that the Ronald Reagan Personhood Proclamation 30th anniversary is January 14th, 2018.

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January 2018: Trump speaks on and reinforces freedom of conscience and religion which he spoke about in May of 2017 and will again in May of 2018. Many pro-lifers announce that Trump is the most pro-life President in history which, as much as I agree, I think was a strategic mistake on the part of the pro-life leadership. We deliver the 10,000 signature Person Proclamation petition to the Trump White House. Trump also speaks to the March for Life in a speech that I thought was disappointing. VP Mike Pence however, the day before, says that the administration will “restore the sanctity of life in our country in our time!” I believe he was saying in this (Trump) administration’s time. I see this as another affirmation of the PPPEO.

February 2018: I begin using the terminology “legalized abortion is government sanctioned, government protected (by our courts), and government funded (with our taxes) daily mass murder of pre-born children.” To this day, I am not aware of anyone else in the pro-life movement using this terminology.

April 2018: I am reading Johnathan Van Maren’s “Seeing is Believing” the night before some talks in Memphis, Tennessee and I come across the Wilberforce quote that begins the abolitionist movement in 1789 in which he says that the British Government is responsible for the ongoing slave trade and they should stop blaming the slave traders. I see this as an affirmation from God of the terminology I had started using the month before. I start adding “Constitutional Crisis” and “National Emergency” to my anti-abortion rhetoric.
I give a talk at the Weyrich Lunch about the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order. Paul Teller (Trump staffer) is in attendance and hears the entire talk with questions and answers which concludes with Morton Blackwell’s endorsement that the Presidential Executive Order is an innovative idea.

May 2018: My article “The Abortion Holocaust; A Constitutional Crisis that President Trump Can End” is published in Lifesitenews. See article at I email it to Kellyanne Conway and Paul Teller as another one of my updates to them. Kellyanne Conway gives a speech at the SBA Gala in which she ends with, “whatever you are doing for this cause, this issue, keep doing it over and over again and keep bringing more people with you.” Meant for the Red Rose Rescues? A few days later, we run (I organize, but am not arrested) a RRR in DC. Charges are dismissed by the end of the weekend. I see these as more affirmations.

June 2018: At my trial for the Dec RRR, when found guilty, I tell the judge that I will not accept any terms of probation or community service or pay any fines. I also ask the judge “when will the babies have their day in court; when will their voice be heard that legalized abortion in this country is government sanctioned, government protected by the courts, and this trial is the perfect example, and government sanctioned with our taxes. And if I have to go to jail to have a greater voice for the babies, so be it. You can send me to jail and I will gladly go again and again.” I spend 6 days and 5 nights in DCDC.

July 2018: October: We run another rescue in DC. 4 get arrested. Their charges are subsequently dismissed (Oct 2108). This is unprecedented. Everyone thinks I am crazy because I believe that President Trump intervened, not wanting pro-lifers in jail in Washington DC.

August 2018: Conference Call with Life Legal Defense Fund, CitizenGo, Personhood Alliance (22 state chapters) and myself. We discuss a fall (after election) strategy) with the possibility that I get arrested 2-3 times and spend an extended period in jail in DC possibly thru the March for Life. We examine the implications of Trump signing a PPPEO. Alexandra Snyder of LLDF states that if even in in effect one day, it would be unprecedented and a game-changer. She also feels it it is an effective and viable Personhood tactic. She reiterates her support for me and RRRs.

October 26th – Election Day: Alabama Supreme Court upholds personhood of unborn babies and calls for the SCOTUS. On Election Day, the voters of Alabama “recognize and support the sanctity of unborn children including the right to life.” Similar approval in West Virginia.

November 2018: The day after Election Day, President Trump at a national press conference says that he has a “solution” to the abortion debate that “nobody else has” and that he cannot explain it (ahead of time) because abortion is a “very decisive, polarizing issue.” I am convinced that he means signing a Presidential Executive Order Personhood Proclamation. I cannot fathom what else he could be referencing other than this. I sent KelleyAnne Conway an email about this. Again, our agreement is that she will not respond unless she has information for me. With the House Democrat and a conservative court, the time is getting closer for Trump to fulfill his legacy and “restore the sanctity of life in our country in our time!

December 2018: Two more Red Rose Rescues are performed. I lead a Red Rose Rescue in Washington DC on the 18th at Cesare Santangelo’s SurgiCenter Abortion facility mer blocks from the White House. Another Rescue, the 11th since Sept 2017, is led by Fr Fidelis CFR in a Planned Parenthood in Trenton NJ.

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Summary and where we are now: Writing this and reflecting about it, I am overwhelmed by what has been given me by Jesus since the 2016 election. I attribute it to saying “yes” to Jesus’ babies. The convergence of the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order and its evolution with my simultaneous journey through Red Rose Rescues to Washington DC and facing off with the Trump Administration can only, in my mind, be of God. I am not smart enough to think of all of this stuff myself. Trump’s announcement the day after the election about his “solution” has me in deep prayer and further reflection.
I am praying about future arrests in Washington DC. We know how to get information out of the jail during any incarceration. One important aspect would be to have a non pro-life, national media outlet (eg Breitbart) to journal my incarceration and daily statements. My focus would be to preach to the consciences of the Trump Administration, Prolife movement leadership, and the US bishops! Are we acting and reacting as if legalized abortion is government sanctioned, government protected (through the courts) and government funded (with our tax dollars) daily mass murder of the preborn – a constitutional crisis, a national emergency?

Honestly, though, Trump’s announcement the day after the election has caused me to rethink getting arrested sooner than later. I think I may want to wait and see how his comments materialize into action. In the meantime I am preparing another barrage of tweets, emails et al to the President encouraging him to sign the PPPEO.

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