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Altar in Father’s camper.


Read the Florida Catholic news article – ‘Protest Priest’: Launches pro-life project in Florida.

Where to Protest

All protests should be peaceful and prayerful. Let your signs and images tell the story. Interact only if you can have a rational conversation with the person. Ignore emotional people and avoid emotional discussions. For all neighborhood protests, check local ordinances. Always try and build a positive relationship with local law enforcement. Let us know if you have other suggestions and we will post them!

Video Gallery

OAN covers Fr Stephen at Survivors Camp in Washington DC.
Pro-life Activists Stage Rescue at Abortion Clinic!

Eucharistic processions are the most peaceful, prayerful, and powerful protests against abortion.

Fr. Stephen explaining the origin of the Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order at the Survivor Camp July 2017. (After starting the video you will need to turn audio on by clicking on the speaker icon at bottom of the video.)

During the 2017 nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood, about 125 DC area anti-abortion advocates stated a march from the US Supreme Court to the new DC Planned Parenthood mega-facility. A similar number of pro-abortion counter-protesters showed up to harass the marchers and, if possible, prevent the protest from taking place.

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